Premium senior portrait photography session of an Austin, TX high school senior JROTC boy and future U.S. Coast Guardsman poses in the sunset next to a Blackhawk helicopter at a U.S. Army base. 

Amy Scharff

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin senior photographer 

Amy Scharff

Georgetown Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer 

Amy Scharff

Central Texas Senior Photographer

What to wear for your senior picture session | For the Guys | Austin Senior Photographer 

These are my best tips and suggestions for the guys on what to wear for your senior portrait session. I totally want your session to be as painless as possible, so without further ado, here are my top tips for what to wear to your senior picture session with your Austin Senior Photographer:

#1  Bring a variety 

Just like we tell the ladies, we want you to have a diverse selection of awesome images to see at your Premier View and Choose Session! Bringing a variety of clothing styles is highly recommended! You’ll have an unlimited number of clothing changes during your three (3) hour session, so go ahead and bring multiple choices. We start with our in-home studio portraits first. During the studio portion of your senior pictures we will focus on any sports you play. Bring any uniforms and equipment you use for your sport. If you play an instrument this is the time to bring it with you! If you have a suit and tie or JROTC uniform we’ll photograph that in-studio as well.

We suggest you bring a couple of casual outfits, one dressy outfit, and a few shirt choices. If you’ve already chosen a college to attend bring a t-shirt from that school along too! If you haven’t selected your college just yet, don’t worry! We can always do college t-shirt portraits later, during your Spring Cap and Gown session. If you’ve chosen a path other than college, such as the military, we will incorporate that into your session. Remember, everything we do at Affinity Fotografie is about YOU! It’s your day, your way! 

#2  Make informed color and graphics choices 

Your choice of color will play a big part in showing more variety in your images. Choose colors you like as well as colors that look nice on you! If you feel confident in your  clothing, you will look great! Solid colors work for close-up portraits, and we’ll definitely want to get a few of those! With solid colors, the focus will be on you rather than on your clothes. Try to avoid stripes as they don’t always translate well on camera. For t-shirts we usually suggest you limit them patterns, graphics, or branding. Those brands or graphics may not translate well when you look back on your photos in years to come, plus they can distract from the main subject- YOU!

#3  Choose clothing that you feel confident in 

When selecting clothes always choose the ones that make you comfortable! If you feel less than confident in your clothing choices it will show in the final images, and comfort will definitely help with your confidence. The most important thing to remember when selecting what to wear to your senior pictures is that you should feel 100% confident in your choices! 

#4  Be organized and neat

We recommend a fresh haircut, shave, and shower before your session! Clothing should be pressed and on hangers. the camera will see the wrinkles!  Glasses- if you wear glasses regularly we definitely want you to include them in some or all of your senior pictures. We do highly recommend that you remove the lenses from the frames before your session. This way we avoid the glare! If you can’t safely remove the lenses from your frames we suggest borrowing a pair of frames only from your eye doctor. Your eye doctor may loan them out as long as you return them promptly after your session. Check with your individual eye doctor’s office a few weeks in advance for their policy on loaner frames! 

#5  Bring props!

Are you on the football team? Are you in the marching band? Do you play soccer, baseball, or any other sport? Bring props! Bring your musical instrument, your sporting gear, and anything else that pertains to your unique interests and hobbies! Do you live on a ranch? We can include that in your senior portraits! 

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