Austin senior photographer 


Austin senior photographer 



4 tips for how to choose your Georgetown, TX Senior Photographer | Affinity Fotografie 

The choice of your Georgetown, TX senior photographer can be a tough decision! I’ve put together my BEST 4 tips to help you make your decision! 


The first thing you should look for when choosing your Georgetown, TX senior photographer is the photographer’s style! Do you like photos that are bright and colorful? What about photos that are dark and moody? How about the light and airy look?  These are all things to consider. You want to choose someone who’s style most closely matches your own. I personally love colorful photos that are true to life. Ask yourself if your photos are going to look dated several years from now if you choose a photographer that just follows the latest trends. There are a lot of trends that come and go. I prefer to produce timeless images that last a lifetime! 


What kind of senior picture experience do you want to have?  Do you want unlimited outfit changes? How would you like to be photographed at multiple locations during your photoshoot? Do you want a photographer who is going to scout out the perfect location for your session? Would you like to meet your photographer before you even have your session? A photographer who cares enough to meet with you ahead of time can develop the perfect senior portrait experience tailored just for YOU! Do you want to showcase all of your special talents, abilities and hobbies at your senior session? At Affinity Fotografie we specialize in seniors and know exactly how to make each and every photo session unique. Our senior portrait experience is unrivaled!


What products are you hoping to walk away with from your senior portrait experience? We know that digital files are must-have, but did you know you could have so much more? At Affinity Fotografie we know how much our seniors love their digital images! That’s why we include them in most of our collections. Our top two collections include ALL of your digital files PLUS a slideshow set to music! We also give you your own phone app with all of your digital photos with our top two collections! But, that’s not all we give you. We believe in quality printed works of art. Products that are heirloom quality and are built to withstand the test of time. We offer large metal prints, heirloom quality albums, wall canvases, and so much more! Most of our seniors and their parents tell us that they weren’t originally thinking about purchasing wall art or albums. This is usually because most photographers simply don’t offer these amazing products! However, once you see your beautiful images displayed on a magnificent large metal print you won’t be able to imagine not having it. After a senior has gone off to college, parents find themselves looking through their son or daughter’s heirloom album quite often! Holding quality printed products in our hands serves as comfort when we’re missing someone. Don’t worry, we offer a discount when you order a 2nd identical album, so both the senior and his/her patent/s can have an heirloom album! 


This is our fourth and final tip. While price is important, it is not the most important factor. I never recommend choosing a photographer on price alone. Our non-refundable session fee is $250, due at time of booking. The session fee does not include any digital or printed products. This fee includes your pre-consultation where we discuss everything that makes you YOU! We’ll talk about your hobbies, sports, and any  extracurricular interests you have! The session fee includes your session time of three (3) hours with unlimited outfit changes. Your Premier View and Choose Session, to be held within one week of your senior portrait session, is also included with the session fee. At your Premier View and Choose Session you will select your Collection. Collections range in price starting at $695, but most  families spend around $1800. We offer monthly payment plans to help seniors and their families get ALL of the products they love without breaking the bank! 

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